Digital futility

Who are we? Our digital print? …. Have we all gone crazy?

We all must feed our digital presence untiringly, never stop feeding all digital channels, searching synergies between them, because competition is hard. No one hit wonders. We must keep our influencer status, cause we don´t want to be trending person only for one day.

… Is all that really true?

A proper digital presence can empower our professional image, no doubt. But our priority must be always adding value. Publishing 400 copy/paste posts per year about legislative news will never turn anybody into a reference lawyer.

It´s simple: we must study, read and get experience at work. And then, deliver our expertise in internet, producing added value contents. But only as the next step, never before. Real contribution is the key.

Our digital print is the consequence of our professional actions, not the origin.

Digital obsessive people will never have time for the essentials, and remember that social networks are insatiable. But quantity never meant efficacy.

Are tons of digital content really useful? An oversized package maybe dazzle the audience, but only at first glance, because finally finding more packaging than content bores everyone.

We are who we are, and never who we pretend to be through our digital actions.

We must build a tenable, consistent and, above all, genuine digital print.

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