Women leadership

How to choose your first professional steps? During my conferences this is certainly the most repeated question young people are worried about.

Once again in the course of the 3rd edition of this groundbreaking initiative in the Spanish Public University, sponsored by La Caixa Bank and celebrated in Madrid, where I showed a reduced number of high potential women how to align their expectations with the real market.

This program, “Mujeres para el liderazgo empresarial”, has been designed to boost women careers, and includes specific training linked to the current business context.

After a rigorous selection process, the twenty young women participants, from humanistic and technical Universities, are all about to obtain their Bachelor´s degree, so they are initiating their professional path. During 3 months, and though practical and dynamic trainings about communication, personal branding, social networks, negotiation, … they learned to identify and develop their leadership skills.

In my opinion, diversity means, more than anything else, equal chances.

But equal chances are only possible on equal terms, so acquiring these management tools is the key for these women to succeed in their aspirations.

Thanks to WomenCEO for inviting me as speaker of this inspiring project.

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