Talent demanded

Who are the most demanded profiles? An untenable high unemployment rate in Spain, but strong difficulties covering vacancies for some positions.

Ironic, but true

I had the opportunity to address this issue during a meeting with senior executives from other companies like Europac, Securitas Direct, Aegon, and Seur; we all invited by Equipos&Talento.

The VUCA environments, the slow adaptation of our educational system, the new job positions, the company culture changes, … the gap between the competences present in the market and the needs of the companies is growing.

Change management and digital arised as the most demanded competences, and also the most challenging areas for headhunters.

The key is the balance: new competences, more easily acquired by upcoming generations, but never forgetting the essentials. A strong business know-how will always be decisive.

So once again, the solution is… diversity.

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